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Robo Pluto X 1.2 (PL-P93) ( Programmable Crash Resistant Nano Drone with Camera

  • Programmable: C++ based API structure makes it extremely easy to program (all codes open sourced )
  • HD Camera: HD videos and photos – can do ROS based image processing
  • Modular Hardware: Can add new sensors / attachments to create new applications including rover, racing, collision avoidance, hybrid among others
  • Designed in IIT Bombay, Made in India – prompt customer support
  • Open-source learning content, codes & drone projects to get you started

Rs.12,345.00 Rs.12,340.00


  • Read the instruction manual properly before you start flying
  • Always fly in wide and open space.
  • Fly within visual line of sight.
  • Avoid flying over a group of people.
  • Do not fly when the weather is bad, like too windy, raining etc. Use propeller guards given with the drone to ensure safe flying.
  • Do not touch the running propeller.
  • Keep your drone away from a heat source?
  • Do not use this drone to lift any external payload.
  • Fully Charge the battery before you start using the Drone.
  • Do not expose the battery to water/wet
  • Must not open or modify or tamper the battery/charger.
  • Only use battery and charger that came with the pack.
  • Immediately disconnect the battery if smoke appears.
  • Take out the battery after use.
  • Be aware of respective countries drone policy. Before flying in India refer: and

Additional information


Robo Pluto

Flight Time

9-12 mins




WiFi (60m)



Are Batteries Included


Item Weight

70 Grams

Assembly Required


Batteries Required


Batteries Included


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